Everything influences perception. Whether a project involves developing a new website, handling a public relations issue or designing an annual report, our goal is to strengthen and reinforce a company's desired image so that the end result is effective, consistent and, most of all, successful. click here for a sample of our capabilities and services

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Brand Development

A brand is not stumbled upon; it is created with the goals and perception needed to take your company to a desired position in your market or industry. We have created brands for some of the United States' largest companies as well as some of the smallest. It doesn't matter the size of your company because every company needs to have their own individual brand that defines who they are and what they stand for.


The symbol that represents your company should be one that defines who you are. The logo is that visual image that you have chosen to represent who you are. It should define the company's personality and goals and is an intricate part of the overall company brand.


COMPASS™ is a program developed by John Weaver Design, which evaluates your company's present position in the market place compared to your competition. It is an internal audit of your marketing efforts and it's effectiveness. At the conclusion of the evaluation, a clear set of guidelines are created so the goals of your company can be achieved.


From sales brochures to technical catalogs, from in-house newsletters to Annual Reports and all other major publications, anything that requires printing, John Weaver Design has the capabilities and the know how to produce that project within your budget without sacrificing quality.


Creating a web presence is one of the most important and fastest growing marketing tools in today's world. From websites, mobile websites, web banners, social media such as Facebook and Flash presentations John Weaver Design can help get your message seen and heard 24/7 worldwide.


John Weaver Design uses the lastest technology to keep your company's message up to date and ahead of the curve. Whether you are looking to use radio, video production, audio composition, or social media such as YouTube, we will take your mutlimedia project to the next level.

Trade Shows

Creating and knowing the logistics of producing a booth for a trade show is far more difficult than most realize. Creating a visual point of contact is only the beginning. From a single show or a booth that travels the world, we understand what it takes and has the experience to help you achieve local or global success.

Annual Report

We have produced hundreds of annual reports over the years including a start up company such as Compac Computer, to most recently an eye bank in Seattle, Washington. We know annual reports and what it takes to created a company's message on time and in budget.

IAR (Interactive Annual Report)

The interactive annual report is the next evolution of the annual report. We capture the same message of the printed annual report and carries it over to the web which can be accessed 24/7. Through an interactive annual report you are able to introduce elements such as: video, audio, photo galleries, interactive animations, transitions and more. All these pieces add up to an entertaining and informative way of sharing your companies annual report.

Financial Presentations

Presenting a company's brand should be continued in visual presentations of your message. Too often this is overlooked by most companies both large and small. Any visual presentation, such as PowerPoint, should maintain the consistency of the company brand. At John Weaver Design we will create your presentations with your message and your brand in mind.


At John Weaver Design we have produced internal newsletters, as well as external publications both in print and electronic format. Our goal is to effectively communicate the company's message on time and in budget.


Websites have come a long way since their inception and we has been there during all it's baby steps. Today websites have grown into the single most important marketing tool a company can posses. From e-commerce to information driven, we have created hundreds of websites for large and small companies expanding their message to a 24/7 market.

Mobile Websites

And with the introduction of the smartphone and tablet devices, a company's information can be accessible right from your pocket. Mobile internet traffic has grown at an incredible rate and is more important than ever to have your website mobile compatible. We can create or take your existing website and format it to be accessible to this new and booming market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having a website is the first step to getting your message on the web. The next step is making sure that message is easily found. With every website we produce, we include basic search engine optimization (SEO) that insures your website can be found on search engines. We also offer multiple options of SEO plans that monitor your website and, if needed, makes the necessary adjustments to help increase your ranking on search engines.

Social Media

Websites such as Facebook and Linked-In have changed the way we communicate. Networking in social media opens the door to countless opportunities to have your message heard. John Weaver Design can help setup and advise you on what works and doesn't work in social media so you can have the best advantage on furthering your company's message.


Need to add a little flare to your website, send out a nice e-card, or need to show off a new product in an interactive way? We can create, user friendly, interactive and entertaining environments that will help put the wow into your project.


Apps are one of the hottest and fastest growing markets today. The Apple App Store has over one million apps available and that number continues to grow! We are an official Apple Developer and can create apps for all of Apple's iOS devices as well as Android devices. So if you have the next great idea, or something specifically for your company, we can help you create the app you need.